• Cell Phones
  • It's easy and free to send your lost and found items to use. We will send you a shipping label.
  • It's very easy to send us your lost and found items.
  • Keys

Lost and Found Recycling Made Easy

LostNeverFound.com provides organizations like yours the opportunity to simplify their lost and found disposal.

Important: This service is completely Free.

If your organization would like an easy way to properly dispose of unclaimed lost and found items we can help. We are just like the waste disposal company that comes to your business or home and picks up your recyclable materials.

Many organizations already have a proper lost and found recycling process in place. If this is the case you do not need our service. However, there are always some items that are difficult to responsibly recycle. As an example, most charities do not like to accept keys. This is because scrap metal recyclers will only take keys at a minimum of 100 pounds at a time. We accumulate the keys until we reach the 100 pound minimum.

We will responsibly repurpose, donate, recycle and as a last resort dispose of the items. In addition, 15% of the net proceeds are donated to charity each year. Your organization just needs to ship the items to us at no cost and we will do the rest!